Human resources

Training providers and administrative staff

They are aware of disabilities and of the need to welcome learners with disabilities in an ordinary environment.

Thus, students with disabilities will be listened to attentively and given special assistance to enable them to integrate as well as possible into the training center, and also into the company if they have apprentice status.

Referent trainer

The main task of the referral trainer is to monitor andsupport the apprentice throughout his or her training at the CFA and in the company to ensure the success of the training as a disabled worker.

He or she takes into account the apprentice's disability in order to build his or her professional project with him or her.

Referent for disability

The disability advisor ensures that the training takes place as smoothly as possible.

In direct contact with the associative world and the actors of the training, he/she looks for the most adapted solutions to the situation of the disabled person. He is the intermediary between the trainers and the disabled learner.

He/she helps the trainer to solve problems that may arise during the training of the disabled learner, both at the CFA/OF and in the company (for apprentices).

He/she makes himself available to receive the disabled learner as soon as the latter requests it.

Technical means

If the learner's disability requires it, the CFA/OF provides workstation modifications to make the training accessible.

Hectar' s training resources are accessible online via a dedicated platform: MyHectar.

Certain educational resources are provided in certain courses directly in digital format via the e-learning platform: E-Hectar.

These interfaces allow disabled learners to overcome certain difficulties in order to make their training more accessible.

Network of partners

The CFA/OF Campus Hectar wishes to establish equal opportunities between learners with disabilities and other learners.

The CFA/OF cannot take up this challenge without the help of the various players in the field of disability support.

The goal is the same: the integration of the disabled person into a regular environment after validation of his or her professional project.

The follow-up

The associations that welcome and monitor learners with disabilities offer the CFA/OF (and the company for apprentices with disabilities) their help and support the learner during the training.

This cooperation can also remove some of the obstacles to the conclusion of the apprenticeship contract.

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