A 3-month program dedicated to startup acceleration

  • MEET VCs - Raise money from investors who are part of the HECTAR community.
  • BE WELL ADVISED - Challenge your business strategies and get advice from top experts.
  • GENERATE NEW OPPORTUNITIES - Connect with the right partners at the right time to get new leads.
  • EXCHANGE WITH FARMERS - We maintain a community of farmers who are willing to discuss and innovate with you.
  • MEET ENTREPRENEURS - Network with other agriculture and food entrepreneurs. Share ideas about your challenges and opportunities.
Corporate partners
Startups accelerated in 2 years

For 3 intense months, bring out
the best in you

Bootcamp (D1)
Meeting and exchange of the startups of the promotion, and first contacts with potential advisors.
Focus Day (D45)
Gathering of startups at Hectar for inspirational talks (entrepreneurs, VCs...) and agri sessions (1-to-1 market suitability test with farmers to collect their feedbacks).
Demo Day (Sept/Feb)
Meeting of the entire Hectar ecosystem and pitch to VCs.
2 follow-up points/month
With the accelerator team, we can solve your daily problems, understand your challenges and connect you with the right experts.
1 Advisory board/month (optional)
With 2 or 3 advisors, to observe a regular follow-up of strategic subjects.
4 Masterclass/year
With all Hectar startups, for conferences to learn from the successes and failures of different entrepreneurs.
The Hectar adventure continues after 3 months: access to resources, community of alumni to exchange and have access to information necessary for your growth...

Eligibility requirements

  • You are in one of the following sectors: Agritech, Foodtech, Regenerative Agriculture or Controlled Environment Agriculture.
  • You have already proven your ability to grow and generate revenue
  • You want to change scale, benefit from a customized follow-up, a network of mentors, partner companies and investors.

How does it work?

Check your eligibility & apply
Come and defend your project in front of the jury of professionals
Test, experiment, innovate!
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We already work with them

Our startups talk about us


"In just a few weeks, HECTAR has given us the opportunity to interact with incredible people who are experts in their field. Their training and network are essential to the implementation of our business and growth strategies."

Camille Delpoux - Agriodor's Director of Development

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"HECTAR is more than a simple accelerator, it is our 'family partner'. It helps us to scale up with a real vision of the sector and a benevolent support on all our issues."

Nadir Ghours - Co-founder of Alvie

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"At each issue, HECTAR connected us with business experts to help us understand the problem. Above all, HECTAR pushes us to go beyond the paradigms of startups that do not adapt to the agricultural world."

Arnaud Watine - Co-founder of Kuupanda

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"This accelerator program allows us to be in contact with farmers and a network of experts. We are happy to have the Hectar team by our side as they are very involved in supporting our growth."

Alexandre Bocage - Co-founder of Veragrow

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"I really like the class spirit we have with the other accelerated startups. I feel like I'm in the right place and I appreciate the fact that the program adapts to us: pragmatic and flexible."

Thibault Boyeux - Co-founder of Kheops

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